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Carpet Stretching


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Photo Finish Janitorial and Carpet Cleaning specializes in all types of carpet repair and stretching. We have experience stretching carpets and doing repairs. We can stretch wrinkles out, patch damaged areas, fix thresholds, and repair damaged seams. 


Carpets sustain wear and tear, especially in high traffic areas. The real problem is when the carpeting becomes unfastened. Carpeting is laid down together with the padding and tack down along the baseboards for a nice firm fit. If this process is not installed correctly you will need repair and or carpet stretching in the future. Often this is seen in the form of wrinkles and buckling that usually occur at the edges of a room. But if not addressed immediately, these wrinkles can spread in number and size, soon taking over an entire area of the house.


Not only are these wrinkling or buckling an unsightly inconvenience, they’re also dangerous since they’re a camouflaged tripping hazard to children, the elderly, and other guests in your home or business. So to prevent the problem from getting worse and save yourself or a family member from a fall, you’ll want to get this repaired as soon as possible.


There are many factors that will determine the price including the size of the rooms needing to be stretched, whether we will need to cut and re-seam areas, and other factors. Please note, that we do not provide furniture moving services. 


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